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Dare to be different

Get used to variety and constant change; embrace the unconventional path to a fitter you. Which weaknesses will you be working on this week?

What we offer


The WOD (Workout of the Day) is the daily prescribed exercise routine in CrossFit training. It involves varied functional movements from different disciplines like weightlifting, cardio, and bodyweight exercises. The goal is to challenge participants both physically and mentally, promoting well-rounded fitness and preventing adaptation to repetitive routines. WODs are timed or scored, encouraging progress tracking and continuous improvement. Led by experienced coaches, they cater to different fitness levels, making them suitable for all athletes.

Getting Stronger

'Getting Stronger' is designed for those who want to focus more on strength-building. Addressing weaknesses is a crucial aspect of CrossFit, and dedicating extra attention to specific areas (such as strength) can significantly improve your Personal Records. Our coaches will guide you through a structured program that complements the daily WODs. They will monitor your progress weekly and assign homework to ensure you achieve your lifting goals.

Open Gym

If you need some extra time to complete your 'Getting Stronger' homework or if you wish to concentrate on other aspects of your training, or maybe prepare for a competition or engage in some rehabilitation, 'Open Gym' hours are at your disposal, and you are welcome to use the Box as your personal playground.

Zilver Fitness

Partnered with ZilverFitness, we offer specialized classes for those aged 60 and older. Our exercises focus on basics, using (small) weights and bodyweight movements to strengthen bones and muscles. Improve your strength, conditioning, balance, and flexibility, while boosting overall resistance. All classes are led by certified coaches.

Young Barbarians

CrossFit Teens is designed for young individuals aged 12 to 17 years old, sharing similarities with CrossFit for adults, featuring constantly varied functional movements at (relative) high intensity but tailored to accommodate the changing bodies of teenagers. The focus lies in mastering movements with precision before advancing the intensity (weight, speed, and repetitions), all while considering each teen's capabilities. Beyond fitness, CrossFit Teens aims to instill a foundation for a healthy lifestyle, especially during the influential teenage years, promoting the benefits of well-being without being preachy. The program also fosters teamwork, rule adherence, personal responsibility, and feedback receptiveness, nurturing a holistic approach to development.

Specialty Classes

Experience 12-weeks of focused improvement with our specialized CrossFit programs - the Specialties, thoughtfully crafted and led by our expert coaches. These transformative programs are perfect for anyone determined to make serious strides in a specific area, regardless of their skill level - everyone is welcome to sign up! Our comprehensive range of Specialties includes Mobility, Gymnastics, Olympic Weightlifting, Endurance, and Calisthetics. Keep in mind that these enriching programs run parallel to our regular WODs and are scheduled at different intervals throughout the year, so you won't find them listed on the calendar below.

Class schedule
Specialty Classes' run parallel to our regular WODs and are scheduled at different intervals throughout the year, so you won't find them listed on the schedule.

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